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The search is on for Copake NY Horse Killer

Isn't she beautiful?

This healthy horse was named Luna and was just 9 years old. My friend Heather White rescued her from a slaughterhouse auction last year, saw her through a major rehabilitation period, and simply adored this sweet, loving horse. This past Sunday while she was away for the day Luna was grazing peacefully in her Copake, NY, pasture with four other rescue horses... until someone aimed their rifle from the road and shot her dead in the neck. Police say she fell on the spot, and that it is unlikely to have been an out-of-season hunting accident given the precision of the shot. Neighbors alerted Heather and the Police shortly after the event.

This killing was mean, criminal, and the sort of thing I suspect a young serial killer in the making would think is just dandy. A reward is being offfered for any info that leads to the prosecution of the killer -- call:
Copake Police Department at (518) 329-2727
The reward is currently at $3000 and growing every minute. If you know people in the Columbia County NY area, or any horse networks, please share this story with them. We're all hoping the killer is found before it happens to someone else.

Here's a link to a news video about Luna: http://hudsonvalley.ynn.com/content/top_stories/560054/horse-shot-to-death-in-copake/ and a photo to use for resposting:


Clean Clothes, Fast and Energy Free

I think this is just awesome. An easy to use laundry machine that uses zero energy, except your arms, and gets two people's laundry from the day clean in under 10 minutes. Old washers were never so efficient or easy to use -- or lightweight and easy to store! Of course, I haven't actually used one... But boy, do I want to.