NASA does it again.

So. Just how smart ARE rocket scientists? Well, in a recent discovery that went unnoticed for 35 years, NASA has admitted that they have LOST the original tapes of the first moon landing. Oh, and, um, in typical American litterbug fashion, they left the camera, which also has data on it, on the moon.

How did they lose the tapes, you ask? Well, you see, they aren't positive, but they think someone probably recorded over them. Back then, NASA policy was to record over old tape reels in order to save money. And apparently someone didn't think that these were important enough to save. Who'd want that lame video? Anyone?

Gosh. Good thing there aren't any skeptics out there who think the moon landing was a hoax. That would really make their day.

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Sarah said...

Oh my. Thanks for the belly laugh!