The best laundry rack. Ever.

Finally. A drying rack I can hang a whole BIG load of laundry on. A drying rack that won't crack, warp, creak or bend. A drying rack whose rods don't fall out. Who folds up compactly and will last for years and years with no special coddling.

After my last wooden drying rack gave out and I bought a new one, I was very disaapointed. I bought one from Target, who usually has great products in my experience, and after the second round of drying it was listing to one side like the Tower of Pisa, and the top rod that hold the whole thing together was bending at an alarming angle.

So after some internet searching this week, I found the FROST rack at Ikea. Wow. It is sturdy coated steel, and had space for about 1 and half full loads of laundry. And, it costs just under $20. I am in love. Really.


Mary Q Contrarie said...

I have been debating on either the rack you just bought or this made in america laundry drying rack from a site called bestdryingrack.com.
I would love to read more comments on why you like yours.

Healing Green said...

The laundry rack from Ikea has 20 yards of line drying space, which works out to close to 3 times a much drying space for half the price of the rack you linked to (and most other racks.) I have been using is every day for over a week, and love how it can be used in several configurations. It also moves very easily once it is set up. Most of all, I love how difficult it will be to break, even with heavy use. It is so simple, and so very well designed :) It is not locally made, but it is made with a conscience, as everything at Ikea is.