Grandma's Fudge Never Fails

I just finished making up a 5LB batch of my grandmother's fudge... She used to make it and cut it into small 1 inch squares that she individually wrapped in tin foil. This kept it fresh and we snacked on it all through the last half of December. I loved unwrapping those pieces as a little girl. I'd eat the walnut bits first and then savor the fudge. mmmm. So I do the same thing, and give it out to lucky friends and family in cute little tins or among other cookies on a plate.

When i was around 20 I asked Grandma for the recipe, since she was in Florida by then and no longer making it for us all... Imagine my surprise when she directed me to the large jars of Fluff and their "Never Fail Fudge Recipe" that is always printed on there. I have always hated Fluff, even as a kid, and these days you know I cook healthy and avoid the evil corn syrup... but I can't get away from that recipe. I've had and made others and they just don't compare.

One secret -- the fluff fudge turns out best if you let it set in the fridge or a very cold wintry garage. Other women in the family have made the fudge and it doesn't turn out as good as grandma's or mine (grandma always got a kick out of that)... It was a mystery to me how they could be messing up such a basic recipt until one year I let mine set and cool at room temperature -- and it never did taste quite the same, or have quite the same fabulous texture as all those previous batches. Somehow, setting at the colder temps noticeably improves the fudge.


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

LOL, we had the same dilemma this year too. Only I had no excuse I knew the marshmallow creme was the ingredient that guaranteed the smooth fudge my mother always made.

I made it anyway, it was delicious and I thought of my mom whose has been gone for almost 20 years now.

You're so right, other recipes just don't turn out right :)

healinggreen said...

The flavor is very good made with 60% cacao dark chocolate chips, too. I tried that one year. Though with the lower fat content in dark chocolate (vs the semi-sweet the recipe calls for) the fudge isn't quite as creamy.