Antibiotics Inhibit Plant Growth

Studies continue to confirm what environmental agencies and waste management specialists have been worrying about all along: that the antibiotics and other chemicals in our wastewater is leaching into water tables throughout the United States, affecting people, animals, and even plants with unforeseen consequences. This latest article from Discovery News brings our attention to the silent victim of human waste: the Plant Kingdom.

Antibiotics Inhibit Plant Growth : Discovery News

We are all connected. Let's not forget that. Without plants, there can be no humans. Don't flush medication down the toilet: make sure it is sealed and properly disposed of. Don't throw your CFLs or batteries in the trash. Use less, live more.


Patty said...

I wish people would not go running to antibiotics needlessly. So many times they are taking it for a virus which does nothing for it.
With the over medicated population, we just create super bugs that become drug resistant making the need for stronger antibiotics that do more harm to the enviorment

healinggreen said...

Yes, I agree. I myself was overmedicated with antibiotics as a teen, and wound up contracting a penecillin allergy after a few years of overuse :(

I think the very name of the drug sums it up for me: "anti-biotic", as in anti-biological, as in anti-life. They are like chemo, they kill the good and the bad (in their case bacteria), and should be used with care.