Smartipants Diapers -- A Review

With my son, I used cloth diapers for over three years. For the first year I used mostly prefolds and covers, with some cute fitted kissaluvs thrown in for fun. Then I discovered Bum Genius, a one-size pocket diaper that comes in cute colors and fits newborns up through 35 pounds. They were great, except the leg elastic had a tendancy to give out after 6-12 months, and the velcro fasteners can come undone in the laundry, resulting in lots of "pulls" on washclothes and other fabrics. I used them with my daughter for the first 5 weeks, too, but they were on their last legs. Enter SMARTIPANTS!

Smartipants are fantastic diapers. These diapers are constructed very similarly to BumGenius, but they use snaps which don't catch on fabrics. They fit my 11 pound daughter very nicely, and my 37 pound son, too. Their pockets, which hold the SUPER absorbant microfiber inserts, are open on both ends so that they agitate out of the diapers by themselves in the wash -- no more reaching for the insert through poo and muck to remove it. A nice bonus, indeed. They are also very trim, even trimmer than the BumGenius, and hold more pee with less leaks (how they manage this, I don't quite know, being so trim, but do it  -- they do!)

Granted, I've only been using them for 1 week so I can't say that the elastic will last forever, but the owner of the company is one of the foremost names in cloth diapering, having invented Wonderoos years ago, so I when she says they use the best elastic they could find, I believe her.

All in all, a great diaper for a price that is nice. They are several dollars less than similar one-size pocket diapers, as well as less than most fitted/cover combos. The company offers them in three packs for those looking to save money, but then you can't choose your colors. I bought mine through thanksmama.com, whom I've dealt with before and like quite a bit. They also offer them in three packs, but let you choose your colors, and right now they have a 5% off sale if you use the coupon code "mama."

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