Dreamcatchers for a better night's sleep

One of my favorite things to do on a cold winter night is sit by the fire watching a movie while I make dreamcatchers. I start with round wreaths made from my own wild grapevines, harvested and wound in the fall. Then I take natural sinew and weave it around the circle clockwise, periodically adding stones and feathers until I reach the center.

Dreamcatchers are an old tradition in the Americas, originating with Native Americans. They have been used for centuries to help "catch" bad dreams and let the good dreams come safely through to us.

I especially like to give them as gifts at baby showers to help protect the newly born and bless their room, and I believe they help young and old alike have pleasant dreams. We have one in every window in the bedrooms in our house (some windows even have 2 or 3!). Hang one by your bed or in the window for best effect.

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