April Plans

My mother just got a work assignment working in Issyk Kul, so we'll be helping take care of her horse farm off and on this spring. I'm rather excited, as it means I will have full-time access to her sewing machine and huge dining room table, which is much, much easier to sew on than mine. Just in time to make some dresses for my daughter and I! I already have some pillowcases picked out for baby J. from the local thrift store, and since I need some ribbons to finish them off I am looking forward to picking out some pretty fabrics from the store for me, too. I've been working out all winter and am weighing less than before I got married, so I am looking forward to making some cute little dresses for me! My plan is to make some simple pillowcase dresses for me, too, using a yard of fabric. I had one dress made this way when I was in highschool and I wore it all the time... How I miss it! Alas, when I had my late growth spurt in college (from 5'6" to 5'8") it suddenly went from daringly short to being too short to sit down in... So I passed it along to the Salvation Army to become another girl's favorite dress.

I'm also excited to begin construction on my improved chicken coop and run next month, once the snow is all gone and the ground has firmed up a bit. My chickens will arrive mid-May, and after a few weeks in the kitchen they'll be ready to make the transition outside. By the fall, we'll have eggs! I can't wait to have my own egg supply again. They are just so much better than anything you can buy at the market, and I love watching the chickens, too.

Our First Chickens: Moon, Phoenix & Aurora

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