The Pergola Arrives

We put up a pergola this weekend -- we thought of it at 10am on Sunday, designed it and went to Home Depot by 11, and had it done by 3:30 -- just in time to go to the beach! This 2x6 anchors it to the house, and the two 2x4 posts are sunk into concrete pre-formed footings. It is incredibly strong and solid, yet easily taken down if ever needed.
While my husband worked on the top, I worked on the bottom -- digging and installing the concrete footers.
My husband drills better than any man I know ;)
It was exceptionally hot and sunny that afternoon -- here you can see we stayed very hydrated and sunscreened. We went through at least two pitchers of water boosted with himalyan salts and agave nectar.
All done! Jocelyn woke up just in time from her nap to see the finished product. Yes -- she slept through the drilling and sawing, just 10 feet from her bedroom (open) window).
Lucas admires our handiwork. "Can we go to the beach now??" YES!

(the beach was awesome)
The next day I painted a creamy yellow stain on the treated wood and hung up a mature concord grapevine I found by our driveway. Fed the vine with rooting hormone and fertilizer, hope it recovers from the move!
Love it! We've since added a couple chairs in the corner, perfect for sitting after dinner.
And here we rested in our teepee after all was said and done.

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