Peeing In Style

Most women don't actually have penis envy (sorry guys!) but we do often wish we could pee standing up without undressing or lifting our skirts. And these days, apparently we can.

Companies like pstyle and pee zee are creating handy reusable gadgets that allow you to pee just like a man: simply unzip your pants, insert the 7-inch device and place against your privates, and watch the pee funnel out. Use it to wipe yourself, shake it off, and go. They even come in colors like lavender and orange, or clear for the discretely minded. I haven't tried one yet, but for $12 you can bet I am going to.

On a similar note, I just finished my moon-time, and thought I would let you all know that I use the Divacup and LOVE it. It is very easy to use, holds more blood than any tampon or pad ever could without accident, and lasts for years and years while saving you money. And no, unlike a diaphragm, you need never fear that it will become irretrievably "lost" up there. The silicone device can also be boiled as often as you want for hygienic purposes (I use a drop of unscented soap to wash it in the morning and evening, rinse with water other times during the day, and boil it each month before I begin using it.)
It comes in two sizes, one for under 30 year olds before vaginal childbirth and one for 30+ or after v.c. I was 32 and had had a baby naturally when I started using it, but I chose the smaller size and it works perfectly. Follow your own intuition. I wish I had known about the Divacup for the first 18 years I was menstruating...

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Eco Yogini said...

ME TOO!! I totally LOVE my divacup- best thing eco to happen to me in a long time :)

Peeing standing up would be handy- i gotta say. sigh. I probably would end up peeing everywhere though lol.

I'm glad I found your blog and will be perusing more!

Blessings :)