Love Your Trees

They Love You!

The above picture was taken last week on Arbor Day when we were in our back woods, which is a nature preserve, planting native Easter Pines. We also planted red maple, apricot and apple trees at our Mother's houses the week before.

Trees are the skin of the earth. They eliminate toxins, while they create and purify the air we breath. They draw up healing energy from deep in the ground, and can teach us to do the same. This Spring, take some time to sit quietly under a tree, with your back against it. You will be pleasantly refreshed and calmed.

Trees love us, and the earth, and are happy to help us. But they need help, too. Arbor day is a great time to plant trees, but you can plant trees most of the year. Plant native trees in your forests, and shade and windbreak trees in your yard to increase energy efficiency. Plant fruit or nut trees, and expect bountiful harvests in 3-5 years that will feed generations.

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