New Chickens

This weekend we went to a local "Chickenstock" chicken swap. It was so much fun -- and we came home with three new girls.

Ladyhawk, Hedwig, and Kiah are "Easter Eggers" that will start laying blue and green eggs in about two months. They are 13 weeks old. Ladyhawk is the buff with black markings, Hedwig is the white one (obvious to any Harry Potter fan) and Kiah is the buff with white, named by Lucas this morning.

Our other chicken, Phoenix, and Petunia the Poodle are fascinated by the new additions to the mountainside. Phoenix has been very lonely without her sister, but she is not entirely sure she wants new ones. Even our usually aloof cat Milo has been spotted perched on top of the coop watching them.

Cleo, our ever-elusive outdoor mini-panther is shown here in a rare photo-op. Can you find her?

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