Last Day in Retail

Tomorrow is my last day working at "my" store -- hooray! A buyer materialized this week to buy my half of the store for a small amount of money (very small, ,but oh-so-worth it) and at the end of the work day we are signing the papers transferring ownership of my shares. I am so excited. I am really looking forward to having the extra time to spend with my family and work on finishing my latest book, which has been languishing on my laptop for the last six months. I am also looking forward to growing my other home businesses more, especially Earth Lodge. And, of course, I promise to return soon with lots more interesting posts once I've decompressed a bit. I plan to spend most of June teaching my son to dogpaddle and laying about as much as possible.

Summer is just about here, and I am so ready!


Sarah said...

I am so excited for you!

Healing Green said...

Thanks! The best laid plans... The buyer backed out, so my partner is going to buy me out instead, but she won't have the money for a few more days, so I have a ocuple more days to work at the store this week. But it SHOULD be all wrapped up by the end of the week (cross your fingers!!)