It seems like every blog I read, every person I talk to to lately, everywhere there is lots of change going on. People moving, people changing jobs, pregnancies, new schools, you name it. And, of course, our household is no exception! I'm in the middle of extricating myself from my retail health center (need more time, more peace, less crazed dramatic co-workers). It's been a long-time coming, I've been talking about this for a couple years, but this month things really clicked into place and I said "I'm done."

Changing jobs and homes are supposed to be the most stressful times in a person's life, but I feel totally calm and full of joy. I can't wait to have a real summer with my son. And I am looking forward to focusing more on my other home-based businesses, especially wrapping up my book on natural animal health.

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Sarah said...

It's a huge step! I'm so glad that you're feeling such peace about the decision. It's actually a great time to strike out on your own. Good luck with your business!