Guest Blogger -- Aunty Ants

Today we have some guest bloggers, who apparently have A LOT to say! Please welcome Aunty Ants and her battalion of backup writers. Last night Aunty and her friends found my laptop where it always sits on the desk and have apparently decided that they adore it. I never knew there were quite so many nooks and crannies for them to hide. So far I have, ahem, "removed" at least 40 of them from the laptop, as they emerge from their hiding places every 30 seconds or so to run across the keyboard or screen.

The ants (41) on my property are just (42) are just crazy. They make nests anywhere. Under the towel by the dish drainer. In my potted plants. Under my potted plants. Next to my gardening books. Anywhere. People say to follow their trail, but there seem to be endless trails, and endless colonies, every year. I have done the dastardly deed and sprayed around the outside of my home. (43) No go! We have fogged the basement. Still no go! They enter from everywhere and anywhere, and mostly, it seems, just to get a drink of water from the sink and to be near me. They adore me, while I have less than friendly feelings towards them. Spearmint oil all over the home? Tried (44) it. Diatomaceous earth? Check. Traps? They won't go near them, none of them.

Ah well. I have learned to live with them, and they have learned not to go near my food stores (lest they provoke an all out war). But my computer? This is a new one. And no, I don't eat while I'm on the computer, so I don't know why they like it suddenly, unless they were cold last night... Grrrr... (45!)


lisa said...

When we lived in Texas we had fire ant problems...So I started reading up on things...Grits that are cooked..They take them to the nest and then after eating them they want water...after eating the uncooked grits and drinking water the grits swell up and the ants die.. Also I heard they do not like cucumber peels..it keeps them away..haven't tried it..growing mint on the outside of your home deters them from entering..Are they tiny ants or the big black carpenter type ants?? We had the big black carpenter ants. They were coming in under the sliding glass door track up the wall and out the light socket...I took the light socket cover off and squirted some ant gel along side the socket and under the sliding glass door tracks the gel has canteloupe smell to it..Carpenter ants like canteloupe and they took it back to the nest I guess and have not seen once since...We fount it at Walmarts..Lisa

lisa said...

It should be UNcooked grits...I should have reread before sending..Lisa