Ms. Brahmin

Having never had a bantam chicken before, I did not realize: this one is a hen! I thought it was just a young roo, as most of the others so obviously were, but experienced banty owners assure me it is a hen, one that was "broody" recently (hatching a brood of chicks) by evidence of her plucked tummy which creates more heat for the eggs. No wonder she is so fat! She is quite friendly and adventurous. Last night, she let me give her a bath with no fuss whatsoever. She appears to be a cross between an Old English Game Hen (Bantam size) and a Bantam Buff Brahma. Looking forward to seeing some wee eggs next month sometime! Chickens don't like to lay when they are stressed or broody, so I don't expect to see any for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, she is eating and drinking and acclimating nicely. She really wants to go out with the other chickens to free-range, but it's too soon. Maybe next week...

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