Baby Boo's New Cradle

I found this beautiful vintage cradle at goodwill for $3. It was missing the matress support and looking a bit too...brown... for my taste, so I cut a plywood bottom and added a bit of white and sunshine yellow paint.

A yard of white eyelet fabric and ribbons for a "bumper" to keep baby's arms inside and cold drafts out, and here we are: the perfect little cradle to lie next to my bed (which is a platform style bed and very low to the ground.) All set for midnight nursings this winter :)

The bumper was very easy to make: cut the yard of fabric in half lengthwise, fold each half in half again and sew inside out legthwise to make long "tubes." Turn the right way out, turn under the unfinsished edges and sew the tubes together to make a huge band. The add two ribbons at the corners, top and bottom.

Then, I cut down the vinyl covered foam pad from our son's changing table which we never used (it's about 1-inch thick) and sewed the unfinished edges. All in all, the entire cradle project took about an hour.

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lisa said...

Oh you did a wonderful job...How exciting for you..Lisa