Baby Pinafores

Even though my last ultrasound did not show the sex of my baby-to-be, I am leaning toward girl, so I am having fun sewing with my new thrift-store Sears/Kenmore machine ($20!) and made a couple little baby pinafores from scrap material I had. The purple/yellow one is your basic pinafore, ties on both sides and at shoulders, "risque" because it will show the onesie on the sides (and that cute cloth diaper she'll be wearing!). The red one goes on over the head, with straps that cross in the back, is a little longer than the purple one, and the front is wider than the back so that when you tie the straps in the back the sides are covered. Both pinafores have little matching pockets in the front, too. I just adore them!

All the foods I am craving are polar opposites of the ones I wanted as a son, and I've had a few intuitive friends second my own suspicions that it is a girl. Plus, the other 5 pregnant women I know, two of whom are related, are all having boys, so I figure the odds are with me on this ;)


Patty said...

those are darling....you did a great job on them and love the fabric choices. When are you due ?

Healing Green said...

Thanks Patty :) I'm due January 22, so chances are we'll find out what it is before then. I'm so excited, and knitting up a storm in some unisex purples.

lisa said...

Oh your work is beautiful...your a great seamtress. I hope you have a little girl...I had 3 boys before my little girl was born..she was born on the 5th of January.. She will be 21 this January..the years flew...enjoy enjoy and enjoy and girls are so different then boys..Lisa