Really comfortable leather shoes

You know how sometimes you try something on in the store and it feels great, just to get home and be worn for a few hours and feel horrible? This happens to me mostly with shoes and bras. Sometimes other things, but these are the main culprits. Bras I have figured out that if I just stick to a couple brands that I know feel good, that helps tremendously. And shoes? Well, I am pretty careful now about buying expensive shoes -- I walk around the store in them for as long as I can get away with, and after 35 years I seem  to finally know which styles bring me the most joy. But still, sometimes I fail. Recently I bought a pair of beauitful Liz Claiborne shoes. Usually her shoes fit so nicely, and these felt great in the store, but now I realize they are uncomfortable in a few places.Luckily, they are leather, and I have a few tried a true tricks to stretch them out.

First, I tried walking in them with thicker socks to stretch them out. Ouch! They needed help. So I moved on to step two: I moisturized them with some great beeswax shoe paste, all over the outside (which will waterproof them too) and a bit on the inside where they hurt, and I stuffed some plastic cups in the to strech right where they hurt. If that didn't work I could spray 1/4 alcohol and 3/4 water solution on the spots that hurt and walk around in them until they are dry -- this would get me a great custom fit. If I needed some all over stretching, I could fill some baggies with water and stuff the shoes with them. Then, freeze the whole thing, which results in gentle expansion of the water as it turns to ice, and a good all over stretching!

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