Smoother Legs, More Free Time, Less Resources: A Product Review!

I'll just start this off by saying that I am a hairy girl. Thank you, mom, for the black Spanish hair that grows in furry profusion  :)  Over the years I have tried waxing, cream depilatories, razors, sugaring, bleaching, tweezing and it was all a losing battle...until my sister-in-law let me try her epilator. This is not the epilady (OUCH!) of the 1980's. These little machines have come a long way, and while not pain-free, are not all that bad. The first time was the worst, and each time after hurts less and less. Most parts of the leg don't really hurt at all after the first time! And, being that VERY hairy girl whose hair also grows incredibly fast (can you say 5 o'clock shadow... on your legs?) I can vouch that the results are long lasting. I only use it once a week. The best part is that my machine (the Revlon RV565 Gentle 2-in-1 Hair Removal System) comes with an electric razor on the other end that actually works!! It shaves really, really close. I never used one that worked on leg hair before, and am ecstatic that this one does. It is perfect for the bikini area and for any hairs that the epilator misses.

So, not only am I more hair-free, but I have more time, and am saving precious resources. I use less electricity and water epilating my legs for 20 minutes than I did shaving each day since I had to take incredibly hot, long showers and shave in the shower to prevent razor burn. I use 100% green energy in my home, so I am good with using an electric machine. Before, I could only use high-end razors like the Venus, so this saves me money (one time price for my epilator/shaver 18.95 on Amazon.) I also save money and resources by not needing to buy shaving cream anymore. After years of experimentation, only hair conditioner would work to prevent razor burn afterwards on my sensitive skin. I used VO5. Amazingly, the epilating doesn't cause me any skin irritation, I just moisturize afterwards as I did with shaving, and I am good to go. I haven't even had a single ingrown hair!

I wish I had owned one of these earlier. I'd probably be leg-hair free by now, since every time you epilate or tweeze or wax you damage hair follicles a bit, and there's always some that simply don't grow back. Ever. And that, in itself, is enough incentive for me :)

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