July 28 Photostream - Paintings, Kids, Canning

A custom piece for a 20-year anniversary -- an adoring Pan and a water nymph.
Finished and given to the happy couple.
I SOLD this over the weekend on etsy.com -- so excited!! I love this painting, and it's going to a great home in Texas. The goddess Nut, reclining on her earthly husband, Geb.

Jocelyn, pulling out every puzzle in the house and with her "I'm trouble" face on :)
Watching the Phantom Menace... or Jocelyn?
Homemade Tomato Sauce from Local tomatoes. YUM YUM YUM
My husband found this old canvas on the side of the road, beat up and abandoned. Here it is at the beginning of the week with some sketching already done, ready to be upcycled and given new life.
The MesoAmerican Goddess, Water Panther, with her jaguar totem and Temple of the Jaguar behind her. This is the "first draft" that I began painting today while the wee one had her nap. Finished product will have more glazes and layers, be darker - she does, after all, hunt at night ;)

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