Spring Thaw

This is what it looked like here in CT yesterday, with temperatures practically spring-like in the low 40s. Ice was melting on the slow part of the river, which was misnamed "Lake" Lillinoah by settlers because in this wide stretch the river actually slows down so much that it freezes and you can skate or fish on it. After this gorgeous afternoon, we had an evening of snow. The weather channel reported it as a half inch -- try 5 inches! No one plowed the roads until late, and cars were stuck everywhere. It was totally unexpected, totally beautiful, and the last hurrah for winter. It's already halfway melted, at 8:30 this morning.
More ice melting.

Luke running to the water's edge to find rocks and throw them into a small open pool. Gotta run fast, those rocks are sneaky!

Huh. Where'd they go?

Goodbye winter!
We'll miss you, just a little bit.

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