2 Weeks in France: A Photostream

Waiting for the plane at JFK

The view from our Paris apt in the Bastille. Yes, that's Notre Dame Cathedral on the left (lit up) and the Eiffel Tower on the right.

More view from the apt our first night. No effects added!

Notre Dame, our fave cathedral de la monde.

Learning Chess
The home we stayed at in Angers

Some of the (very) fine wines we enjoyed on our trip

Learning to play Boules

The largest slugs I have ever seen -- these were four-five inches long!! Found on our nature walks in the woods...

The chateau of Angers

Le Mans -- the 24 hour race track!

Cute cars that have won at the track

My favorite car. So pretty!


The Chateau of Plessis Bouris, where the elderly tour guide is hard of hearing and exceedingly rude. And no,  I do not think French people in general are rude. I find them very friendly and helpful usually, whether they believe you are french or not. But oh. That man. He was SO rude. We opted out of the tour.

The dolmen "Pierre Cesee" new Briollay. Wonderful inside. I adore neolithic sites like this.

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