Books I Read on Vacation

We had a wonderful trip to France to see my father and extended family this August. I loaded up my Kindle before we left, and also found some good books in my father's house. I won't list them all here (I read at least a book a day) but here are the best ones across several genres:

My Year of Meat. The author of this book, Ruth Ozeki, is a friend of my dad's and he's been trying to get me to read it for a couple years. When we got to his house there was a copy on my dresser, along with other English books he's been saving for me. Wow -- this is a great book. Fast paced, well written, slightly activistic and environmental, but mostly about Japanese and American lifestyles, it was a very interesting read. It's a book suitable for both vegetarians and meat-eaters. I'm looking forward to more books from this woman!

Where the Hell is Matt? Matt Harding has great dance (I use this term loosely, as does he) videos of him around the world posted on Youtube.com that bring a smile to everyone's face. This book chronicles his journey from accidental tourist to paid dancer and world-traveler. his insights are both humble and inspirational. The writing is basic, almost blog-style writing but in the end he has a decent message. His writing, like his dancing, will make you smile.

Today We are Rich. This is a great book that I got on the Kindle for free. It has tips for how to become a more fulfilled, "richer" person both spiritual and through work. It's a very nice read, with mentions of God and prayer without being preachy or denominational. Much of this motivational speaker's advice comes from his grandmother, whom I would love to meet someday.

The Golden Acorn. A nice youth fiction book, wonderful for any child that is feeling a little "but I can't do that" or "I'm not worthy."

Living Off the Grid: A Simple Guide... This was another free Kindle book that I am almost finished with. It is much better written than most books of its genre: even the parts about electrical engineering are written so well that I can stand to read them. I'm really enjoying this one (as is my husband whenever he can wrest the kindle from my grasp.)

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