Is the Sun Trying to Save Us?

We've all heard about Global Warming or Climate Change. And there is no question that our human ways are polluting the earth...but are we really causing the bulk of global warming? And is global warming even still taking place? There are quite a few scientists who say no. Solar and Space scientists, in particular, have a lot to say on the topic. Mars has been losing its polar ice caps at the same rate as the earth, while solar activity was higher than normal over the last several decades. Some people think this is a clear indicator that the phenomenon is solar-related, and not based primarily on human activities.
Since 2000 global temperaures have plateaued. And now the sun appears to have stalled, falling behind on its sunspot schedule and remaining virtually blank. Is the sun trying to cool us off? Did it hear the mass consiousness of humans asking for an end to global warming, and has it answered us? Only time will tell. Sunspot activity remains at a minimum, supporting the world's leading solar expert, Russian Dr. Khabibullo Abdusamatov prediction several years ago: based on solar emmision data over the last decade, Dr. Abdusamatov believes that the sun is entering a real lull which could bring about global cooling similar to the Little Ice Age in the 17th century when Hudson Bay actually froze over. If we do have such pronounced cooling, crop production would fall and we would all be huddling around our heaters a lot more. Or perhaps the cooling effect of the sun will just balance out our CO2 warming effect.

Myself, I believe that there are scientists on both sides who have behaved badly, from some who shall not be named at Nasa who have changed old records twice in the last decade to better suit their theory of climate change, to industry scientists who deny any human impact whatsoever.

And I do find it very interesting that the sun remains so quiet. We are having a cooler Spring here in the Northeast than usual for the last twenty years.

So. Climates change for all sorts of reasons, all the time. We still don't have a definitive answer for what caused the dinosaurs to disappear. I believe we all need to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible so that we are not the cause of any animal or plant species' demise and our children's children are healthy and have a beautiful planet to live on.
I also believe we need to be prepared for natural climate variations. Severe cooling and warming can and does happen. Major cooling occurred at lease twice in the last 500 years. According to tree scientists who published their findings in National Geographic last year, it has been far wetter than normal in the US Southwest in the first and last quarter of the 20th century: both times are when the population in that area boomed with new settlers. The last time the Colorado River was that wet, it was then followed by a major drought (like now) that was so severe it forced the Anasazi to abadon their homes. If our scientists had known that one-hundred years ago, perhaps our government would have regulated how much we devoloped that area of the nation, and how much water we diverted.

Where does all this leave us? Do issues like water availability and flood zones impact your decision where to live? Are you stocking up on bikinis, warm quilts, neither or both? Are you enjoying the ride, or holding on tight with your eyes closed?

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