Pesticide Switches Sides -- Organic! Organic! Ra, Ra Ra!

Sometimes, the best way to tackle a problem is sideways, rather than head on.

Rather than argue with your toddler and insist on "no", sometimes its better to simply offer and attractive alternative.

Rather than fight with big CAFOs over animal quality of life, sometimes its better to work on banning the regular use of antibiotics and feed additives like arsenic b/c of its environmental impact, which, in turn will eventually lead to better quality of life since the animals can't live the way they currently do without these additives that keep bacteria at bay in close, filthy quarters.

And rather than focus on asking industry farmers to cut back on fertilizers and pesticides because they are bad for people and animals -- which they continue to deny, and fight, and deny, and fight -- it is beginning to look like eventually the EPA or other government agencies may realize that these substances are dangerous for other reasons. Reasons like national security. Reasons like global warming and rising coastlines. And if that happens, we could have entire nations turning to organic farming methods with little to no fuss. Which I find pretty exciting.

Here's the low down from Discover News:

"A new study revealed that the pesticide [sulfuryl fluoride] lingers in the atmosphere for 36 years -- about eight times longer than scientists previously suspected. What's more, the gas is 4,800 times more powerful than carbon dioxide at holding in heat."

So even though there isn't very much of it in the atmosphere, even a little bit can make a very big impact. Which, in turn, may have an even bigger impact on farming methods someday... For the better, one hopes.

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