Milk in the Garden -- milkin' it for all it's worth!

We drink a gallon of milk a week, fresh from the farm. The farmer brings us our milk in recyclable gallon plastic jugs, which pile up until I can get to the recycling center. They are big, and they are unsightly. They get on my nerves.

Until now! I have come up with several uses for gallon jugs in the garden and on the farm. The first use I came up involves using a serrated knife to cut the bottom of the jug off about 1.5 inches from the bottom. This creates a very nice single unit "greenhouse" for spring seedlings in the garden. Use the discarded bottom to start seeds in, or place under pots to catch water.

Holding the handle, you can further cut away part of the "greenhouse" to create a nice feed scoop.

Or, use the container to make the gorgeous plant ID stakes pictured in the post. I cut off the bottom of the jug with a knife, and then with scissors I cut the flat portions of the jug off. Then, I cut the flat portions into strips varying from 4-5 inches long. With two snips, I tapered one end to a point. They look very much like the white ones you can buy at stores, except that they are translucent. I made over 50 strips from two jugs.

I'm sure this barely scratches the surface of what can be done with milk jugs. I used to store mead in them. You can cut the top half with the handle of to create square-ish bins. Decorate the edges with bits of ribbon for a pretty, and safer, effect. Or, leave the jug whole, cut a big door at the bottom and some windows, decorate and paint it and you have a dollhouse or toy car garage... Anyone have any other uses for them?

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