Fae's First Turnout

We've decided to name the filly "Feileacan", which is gaelic for "butterfly" (pronounced FAY-luh-kawn). It's fitting, since her mother's name is also gaelic/pict in origin, and she has a big butterfly mark on her rear. We'll be calling her Fae for short :)

On Sunday Fae and her mother enjoyed their first turnout for 20-30 minutes. Not too long, because right after we put them out it started to rain lightly, and we didn't want her to get to wet or chilled. They loved the time outside though -- mama munched on the fresh grass, and Fae ran around her in circles. Pritani kept telling her not to run, and Fae would contain herself for a minute or two before she began running again. She moves beautifully.

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