Images from the farm

This season my family and I are farm-sitting for my mother while she is working overseas. She has 10 dogs and 4 horses, plus a few cats and aquariums, so there's always something exciting happening!


This spring is more exciting than most -- a mare which she rescued from slaughter just in time for Christmas has turned out to be pregnant. She is due any day now according to the size of her baby and her udder development, and she's looking very fit and happy.

 Amazingly, the horse came with papers and is of very good quality, something my mom never expected when she saved her from the feedlot. She's a wonderful horse, who seems to have been a victim of the economy.

Yesterday, one of my mother's breeding poodles surprised us, too. We had no idea she was in heat, none of the studs were acting nosy and she wasn't bleeding or anything. Imagine our surprise when we let her out first thing in the morning, and two minutes later saw her doing this with one of the studs!

They stayed tied for about 10 minutes, but I didn't think to grab the camera until the very last moment. The male is licking his nose, so much for dignity. No litter was planned for this summer, but it will be a beautiful pairing, and be a summer litter which is always easiest to care for.

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