Garlic Mustard Dip and Dandelion Chicken Fritatta

Mmm. I just love eating food fresh from the garden, and even more than that, I love eating food that I have found wild in my yard. Tonight for dinner we had a Dandelion & Chicken Fritatta with Garlic Mustard Dip. It was sooooo good.

The fritatta was super easy -- dandelion flower heads chopped roughly with 1/2 chicken breast, 8 eggs, 1/4 cup milk, some salt and farmer's cheese, then pan-fried on both sides. We topped it off with the dip, which was just amazing.

Garlic Mustard is an edible wild plant that grows rampant throughout much of the country. It is considered an invasive weed, and spreads like wildfire, so you can feel virtuous while you pluck it and eat it. It's common name derives from the pungent odor it gives off when you pick it, and it tastes great. Use in dips, soups or salads for a heart-healthy natural addition to your diet. 

To make the dip, I chopped up wild garlic mustard greens in the food processor and mixed them with equal amounts of plain yogurt, sour cream and more farmers cheese. Oh, and some more fresh garlic and olive oil and salt to taste. YUM!

My husband is on the paleo diet, which has me scrambling for foods we both want -- I am more of a fruit, cheese and veggies kind of gal, and paleo is mostly meat with veggies, and only fermented dairy products. Um, hello, did I mention I am a cheese addict???  This meal fit the bill just right for both of us, and even the kids liked it.

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