New Baby Foal -- Pritani's Baby!

Pritani had her baby last night around 12:45 -- Friday the 13th, yeah! We woke up at 1am to hear some thudding on the stall walls -- the baby trying to get up I think -- and stayed with them for 1.5 hours until the placenta passed and the baby was up, passed stool and nursing well. 

Pritani is gentle and watchful of her foal, but lets us in to be with them and take care of the baby. The vet was impressed by how well-mannered she was while he was checking over the baby -- who has gorgeous confirmation and is perfect in every way, of course ;)

See the pretty butterfly on the baby's rear? If it was a boy it was going to be Lachlan, but since it seems to be a girl we are looking at gaelic and Native American names for Butterfly :) She's bit lighter brown than her mother; with black on her face, mane and tail; two white hooves, and so darn cute! 

The paddock outside her stall is all ready and clean with fresh shavings and grassy areas, so they can go outside for a bit tomorrow. Woo hoo! We did it!!! Ok, well she did most of it, really, but still -- WOO HOO!

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